You’re A Tool: The Podcast

Welcome to the “You’re A Tool” podcast, where I discuss exercises, templates, resources, and strategies to help you grow and improve your life, relationships, and business.

Why “You’re A Tool?” Because I like silly little plays on words.

This podcast was created out of my desire to look inward, do the work, unlock my potential, and share what I learned with others. 

Some episodes include downloadable resources, guides, exercises, and, yes, TOOLS that you can grab. These are available at the corresponding episode page.

Kick back, dig in, and learn something new!

Our Mission:

To share tools, exercises, resources, and strategies that help listeners understand themselves and improve their lives, relationships, and businesses.


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    About Your Host

    “I’m your host, Andy Fenstermaker, and I have a background of over 15 years in marketing and consulting, and an intense passion for looking inward, unlocking my own potential, and sharing that knowledge with others. My experience in marketing spans a variety of agencies and industries. These days, I work remotely out of my home in Plano, TX as a Digital Marketing Director. I tend to have an even left and right brain split, making me both creative and spacial, and highly analytical and logical.

    Outside of work, I am a staunch appreciator of obscure music and a vinyl collector. It is the only area I am not a minimalist. I enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle and can often be found logging miles on my road bike or finding woods to hike through.”

    – Andy Fenstermaker